Chocolate and Iced Pastry

How this all works...

If you're shopping here:

We are bringing the best Infusion artist chefs in the city to offer one central collective of amazing products.  Each Chef has two menus. The first, is what is ready to go right now, TODAY! You simply select and item from this list and place it in your cart. When you are done selecting all your selections from all the various options and chefs available, you proceed to checkout and decide on pickup or delivery*, and BOOM! That's it! You will receive and email receipt with your pickup window, and another email when your order has been completed. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

The Second menu each chef has is for ordering ahead. These items will be picked up at a later date - 3-7 days from the day the order is placed (You can select your pickup / delivery date). Then again to checkout, and you're all set. You will receive email confirmation, a reminder before pickup, and notification of completion. We have made it super easy to order ahead and stay safe.

Chocolate and Iced Pastry

For the Chefs

Tired of the fruits of 90% of your labor going into the pocket of someone else? US TOO.

We cost you nothing. Thats it. We are literally here to help....

  1. There is no fee to join, have a menu, and be included in the service.

  2. We handle all the billing, and fulfillment. You....just.....COOK. 0 worries on running the business.

  3. Its your business, its up to you to make it or break it. We will help you be successful and provide every avenue we can to ensure your success. Your quality, is your responsibility. We will never tell you what to sell, but we are a community, while competition is encouraged, cut-throat attitudes and service to self exclusivity will not be tolerated.

  4. It must be from Charlotte or the surrounding area, All natural, incorporate CBD, CBN, HEMP, DELTA8, DELTA10, or a Cannabis Based product (According to current state and federal law).

  5. You use our trasaction system (Square trade - A Rock Solid Platform)

  6. All Delta 8 / 10 / CBD Used or sold on the site must be purchased from our approved wholesale distributor for liability purposes. It is all Lab Tested with documentation and certification of purity. Our prices are phenomenal.

That's literally it. A storefront with pickup and delivery, online ordering and order fulfillment, and your cost is a 1% or 1$, whichever is more - transaction fee.