The Collective

Culinary Creators

The Amazing companies bringing you a literal taste of the Queen city. The Chefs and culinary innovators at the top of the Charlotte infusion market.

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Infinte Wellness

Holsitic Health Advocates

Infinite Wellness is a Group owned out of Charlotte NC by Natives of Charlotte - Focused on natural health, holistic remedies, and living in a more in tune, less resistant way with nature, and with a conscious effort to preserve and heal our mother earth.

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Painted Skull Edibles

Specialty Bakers

Here at Painted Skull Edibles we miss the days of Woodstock, flower children dancing in the streets, and the sweet smell of Mary Jane on the breeze. A time when your neighbors came to break bread with classic rock playing on the HI-FI and not the WI-FI. Nature has blessed us with Delta-8 and Delta-10 derived from all natural hemp. Our full spectrum D8 and D10 products provide a clean, mellow chill; free from anxiety or intensity of Delta-9.
The  70's may be gone, but let us help you keep rollin' down the river with our out of sight, chill treats!

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Hobbes Horde

Specialty Confections

Hobbes Horde is all about the joy of food. Cooking it. Eating it. Shopping for it. With years of experience, recipes you would swear she stole from your grandmother, and a taste that will have you thinking about that cinnamon finish for days. This Lady is the Julia Child of Cannabis

Breakfast Cookies.png

Grandmaw Carol's Breakfast Cookies

Local Artist & Baker - Neighborhood Little old Lady.

Cookies based on old super secret family recipes handed down generation after generation. I'm even afraid to list what flavor they are.... Carol doesn't play, and when you taste those cookies you'll understand why. Wowee wow wow!

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Smooth Monkey Smoothies and Acai

Masters in the Art of Smoothness

Owned and operated by a local wit years of amazing restaurant experience under his bet, the owners and staff at Smooth Monkey take a no nonsense approach to things. If its not healthy, fresh, and from the good earth... well... this is one monkey that doesn't have time to waste on that nonsense. And you can quote me on that.